June – Scene 1

Scene 1: Family planning and HIV testing/disclosure

June Scene 1

The scene opens with a group of older women at a SACCO meeting. At the close of a meeting a woman of forty-three desperately asks her colleagues if they can advise her on family planning. Already struggling to provide for four children she has been confused by the many myths circulating in her village. The women debate family planning options, side effects, myths and realities. Afraid of her husband finding out, she flees a cacophony of voices to attend the local clinic in secret where she consults a nurse and receives the contraceptive injection.
Meanwhile, in a bar in town, complaining of a prolonged illness, her husband seeks advice from his friends. One man, a VHT, counsels on testing for HIV and disclosing both the test and results to his wife, whilst another laughs at him, telling him not to worry about HIV and to enjoy instead a lifestyle of ‘booze and girlfriends.’ The man flees his arguing friends to attend the clinic in secret to test for HIV. Husband and wife are shocked to bump into each other at the clinic, and reveal their secrets to each other. The drama closes with a friend of the family advising them to have clear communication, to be faithful, and to put their families first.