August -Scene 3

“This land is ours, but not ours”: Walukuba Speaks Out

August - Scene 3

Land is a highly contentious issue in Uganda today, and particularly in Walukuba where community members have been trying to acquire land titles for the properties in which they have been sitting tenants. Ownership and control over land and other forms of property is particularly difficult for our community, with the urban poor, and women and girl-children, frequently marginalised and disenfranchised by a process steeped in bureaucracy and corruption. We performed the play “This land is ours, but not ours” which uses comedy to illustrate the process community members must pass through in order to claim a lease-hold land title where you have been a sitting tenant in Walukuba. This play is based on the real-life experiences of our community, drawn from interviews and focus group, and collated from official documents, aiming to highlight an approximate set of steps, costs and timings, to claim a land title.
After our performance we hosted a break out activity in which community members and key stakeholders sat together to discuss recommendations on how to streamline the acquisition of land titles.