We began our work in February 2015, using participatory creative expression, to share ideas, identify key social and environmental concerns, and begin to generate ground-up and sustainable interventions through local action and participatory governance.

From February – June 2015 our community engaged in weekly theatre workshops. We elected to work with separate groups for younger men and younger women to allow free expression, and an integrated group of older people. We met for approximately two hours each week and engaged with theatre-based games and exercises to facilitate critical dialogue on key issues. We engaged in a variety of art-based techniques including image theatre, role-play, poetry and song, rap and dance, scripted and devised drama, and drawing and mapping. Our activities also focused on group-building, communication and confidence, and critical thinking skills.

In June 2015 our groups all came together to work towards our first ‘We are Walukuba’ event. Since this time we have put on a second ‘We are Walukuba’ event in August 2015. In September 2015 we resumed our weekly workshops as a large integrated and intergenerational community group dedicated to raising debate and developing local action to promote sustainable development in Walukuba and beyond. We regularly move out into the community to conduct research with, learn from, and exchange knowledge with, our community on key local issues.